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How To Look After And Prevent Your Iphone From Getting Damaged Everyone wants to maintain the proper look of an iPhone after spending a significant amount of money. The preservation is done by taking care of its appearance besides other forms of maintenance. The care an iPhone should receive is alike to that that your computer is offered. Several methods can be applied to carry out the care needed to maintain an iPhone. You can protect by the use of cell phone skins. These model of phones are susceptible to getting scratched. The back element of the screen can be scratched although the display itself is protected. Many cell phone covers are readily available for preventing this from happening. Many of the shops that sell iPhone usually retail covers of different patterns which can be accessed at will. The curving of some covers is enhanced more than in others. Some covers are very slim. The valuation of the skins is also a variable. The essential thing to have in mind is that having them is crucial to protecting your phone. Protect them against foreign elements. Usually, iPhones is carried in the open, either in the pocket shirt or hang on the belt. Exposure like this means that they are subjected to the sun and the rain. They can be protected easily from these conditions by buying an iPhone case. The sheath are of various types. There is also variation in colors and patterns as well. Some casings have added features like a place to store your credit cards. You can attach some to the belt due to the clips that accompany them.
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Cleaning the screen should also be done. This, however, is one of the maintenance procedures avoided by people. This is attributed to the sensitivity of the screen. This is a necessity, however, and you must ensure you have plenty of time to do it without rushing. Chemical agents should be shunned when performing the cleaning procedure. Do not use anything else besides water and a shred of cloth. Take care not to put too much water in the cloth since it can destroy the screen components. It is also advised that you do not rub in circles since that can cause streaking. Cleaning should be done once per week or at the very least after every two weeks.
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The phone should be protected from open threats. Leaving the phone placed somewhere is not advisable since water, or any other fluid can spill on it and therefore cause harm. Some small compact units can get damaged and go unseen. The screen or the back can also get scratched easily. Scratching of the screen or the rear side can happen. You should also seek to protect the battery. Damaged batteries can compromise how well the phone performs. Ensure that sometimes you use the battery until it’s empty before recharging.