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Benefits of Targeting a Market. It is very important to do proper marketing for products. Good marketing skills increase the profits by increasing the sales. There are very many ways to market a product. These methods have different success rates. Targeting of a market is one good example of a marketing strategy with a higher success rate. This strategy concentrate more on the most likely customers to buy certain products. Therefore, maximizing the target market is where all the efforts will go. This form of marketing is more reliable to the small business enterprises. Target marketing has a very high success ratio. This type of marketing has a number of benefits to the businesses that use this strategy. First and foremost a business can concentrate more on the features of their products that are more important to the target market. This improvements will, therefore, leave the customers with no choice but to buy the products. The ultimate effect of this, is the increasing sales and therefore leading to increase in profits. Secondly, communication is enhanced once a business has spotted their target market. Communication with customers may be done whether in written form or verbally. Through these communications, the business might address queries raised by the customers. They can also ask for feedback from the customers concerning a given product. Fixing of a raised problem, therefore, becomes easier. Adjustments done by the businesses will suit the customers more since it was their idea. This enables a business to establish a stable and reliable fan base of customers. At the end, the number of customers influenced by the loyal customers will increase.
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Some of the benefits of targeted marketing are mentioned above. However, some factors should be considered when determining a target market. One of them is the geographic target market. This implies that the customers are found in the same locality. This may be a city, town or even a country. Some products record very good performances in some areas than others. Demorgraphic or socioeconomic target is another example. Age group, gender, level of income and education level falls under this category. The specific group linked with the product becomes the target market of the product.
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A target market can also be defined as a behavioral target market. This type of a target market mainly focuses on the degree of loyalty of the customers. Awarding of loyal customers may be a mechanism used by a business. Example is giving discounts on good purchased. And finally, product related segmentation is another type of a target market. Certain products owned by the customers provide the basis of this type of target market. Selling of computer accessories to people who own computers is a very good example. Creation of a more specific target campaign, decreasing the number of competitors and increasing sales are the importance of product related segmentation.