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What Is PTSD?

As for those who have experienced traumatic events in their life, it seems to be a common thing for them to experience PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There are lots of possible causes that may trigger PTSD and this include but isn’t limited to war, car or plane crashes, terrorist attacks, sudden death of a loved one, rape, sexual or physical abuse, kidnapping, natural disasters, physical assault as well as childhood.

When talking about the identification of symptoms, it might show up within hours or even days after the incident but this will vary from one person to the other. There are some situations to which it could take years after the incident for the symptoms to show up. As a matter of fact, there are 3 known symptoms for post traumatic stress disorder and these are:

Number 1. Reliving traumatic events – under such circumstances, an individual has a tendency to experience nightmares, upsetting memories, feelings of distress, flashbacks or even intense physical discomfort similar to sweating, nausea an pounding of heart, particularly when being reminded of incident that had happened.

Number 2. Avoiding situations that is reminding the trauma – a person who is afflicted with post traumatic stress disorder might have a tendency to avoid activities, situations, thoughts or places that remind him or her of trauma. And if this continues, it may make them feel detached from others, be emotionally number and might sooner or later lose interest in life and activities. They can be distraught to the stage that they could envisage bleak future for themselves.

Number 3. Emotional upheaval and increased levels of anxiety – it is common for sufferers of PTSD to have trouble sleeping, experience angst, get irritable, feel to be on the edge, have difficulty in concentrating and sometimes, be hyper vigilant.

There are many other feelings that might accompany PTSD including but not limited to shame, guilt, betrayal and mistrust, hopelessness or depression, suicidal thoughts and so forth. Substance abuse is known to be a fallout as well of an individual with PTSD.

Aside from taking help from professional therapists, one can even opt for some self-help techniques. Furthermore, it is also possible to fight the symptoms of the disorder by getting help from friends, relatives and family members. On the other hand, initiating to get on moving is the first and most important step that should be done when having self-help. It increases the odds of having faster recovery to connect on others on regular basis. As for the patients, it is necessary for them to receive social support as well as encouragement at the same time.

Being able to have good understanding of PTSD can help you know how to deal with this condition.

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