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7 Benefits of Buying Anabolic Steroids with Bitcoins You have endless options that you can use when buying anabolic steroids from an online merchant. The use of bitcoins as payment methods has, over the years, gained popularity with many people who wish to make online purchases. It is when you buy steroids with bitcoins that you can gain the 7 merits mentioned next. The only assurance of complete privacy during your purchase is to buy anabolic steroids with bitcoins at all times. Not many people wish for others to find out about their online transactions, meaning that privacy is a key element that has to be present during online shopping. With many bitcoin wallets offering them through debit and credit cards, your anonymity will be concealed even when you use such cards. It is costly to purchase anabolic steroids through traditional online transfer services due to the costs that such providers charge. With bitcoins, you will not have to worry about such additional expenses.
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Buying steroids with bitcoins is fast because the transactions complete almost instantaneously, unlike in the case of money transfer services where you may be required to wait a couple of days for processing to take place. For that reason, the shipment of your anabolic steroids will take place immediately you place an order.
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Since bitcoins are accepted by almost all vendors of anabolic steroids, you can make a purchase to any store you feel like, without giving thought to its country of origin. There are no geographical limitations to deal with since most merchants understand how they work. The reason is that bitcoins are now very popular the world over. There are no chargebacks with bitcoins, which makes it tough for fraudsters to retrieve them. The use of credit and debit cards is different since numerous fraudulent transactions can easily take place as you make your payments. This feature protects your payments considerably. No third parties can interrupt your purchase transactions midway like is the case with other payment options. Therefore, there can never be a freeze of your bitcoin account or wallet. Such an aspect gives you the freedom to buy anabolic steroids from any party you desire. This feature makes your steroids cheap also because the lack of third party interference makes it impossible to charge sales tax on your purchase. Accessing the currency is easy as you only need to go to a bitcoin homepage to set up a coin wallet. Subsequently, you need to purchase bitcoins using credit or debit cards before sending them to your wallet or account. It is from here that you will send the bitcoins to the homepage of the anabolic steroid site you buy from. The process of sending the currency to the steroid merchant is mostly provided on the ordering page.