Case Study: My Experience With Supplements

The Benefits of Using Health Supplements for Children and Elder People

That one simple quote or saying which symbolizes the importance of our life is the health and wealth, thus we should put into good use this privilege, advantage and chance given to us by our Creator by avoiding any practice of unhealthy lifestyles and bad habits that are very common, nowadays, and that would be done by staying healthy. Micronutrient deficiency affects many people all over the world, and are very common especially to the young ones and elderly ones, and is also known as vitamin deficiencies and mineral deficiencies, and became one of the most common causes of children’s death. Some of the most essential micronutrients needed by our body are fluorine, calcium, iodine, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamins A or retinol, vitamins B6 or pantothenic acid, vitamins B12 or cobalamin, vitamins B1 or thiamine, vitamins B2 or riboflavin, vitamins B3 or niacin and vitamins C or ascorbic acid, and they have their own specific functions to the parts of the human body. In unfortunate events, that individuals are lacking some of these important nutrients, some diseases might possibly developed which are also known as deficiency diseases, like keratomalacia, night blindness, hyperkeratosis, beriberi, Wernicke-korsakoff syndrome, ariboflavinosis, glossitis, angular stomatitis, pellagra, anemia, peripheral neuropathy, scurvy, megaloblastic anemia and iodine, iron, zinc, fluorine, calcium and selenium deficiency.

Luckily, is that our scientist, pharmaceuticals and health nutritionist have discovered and produced a very beneficial way of gaining all of these essential nutrients, and that is by taking daily this certain drug which they called as health supplements or dietary supplements. Health supplements or dietary supplements are produced and manufactured by the pharmaceuticals in the basic intention of supplying and providing the people especially the elderlies and children the complete set of important nutrients, like mineral, fiber, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids, since most of them does not have the cravings or appetite to finish a balanced meal diet or consume the set of foods that are enriched with the important micronutrients. It is strictly advised to each and every individuals all over the world, to only take health supplements or dietary supplements, if and only if they are not able to consume a balanced diet with foods enriched with essential nutrients or with obvious visible deficiencies, because excessive consumption would definitely lead to toxicity, especially if they contain fat-soluble vitamins and minerals that is bound to be stored by our body for a very long time and they are also not used to treat and cure any other kinds of diseases.

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