Month: July 2019

A Wonderful Norway Holiday Vacation

Norway is considered is the best place for people to live in. This is because of the beauty of the country would definitely entice any body to spend the rest of their days here. But, if you cannot afford to leave the place you are living in at the moment, the best way to spend time and enjoy the wonderful surrounding is through a Norway holiday.

Most seasoned travelers would agree that that best places for tourists-who have been here in Norway for the first time-are the cities including Trondheim, Troms?�, Bergen, and Stavanger. Here, you can find simple to plush accommodations. You can easily fit in these areas because there is easy access to almost everything including public transportation, entertainment, banks, hospitals, and other establishments that would cater to your needs while you are away from home.

The rest of the Norway is best for who have been there before because most of the areas are rural. If you don’t know somebody where you can stay at his or her house, you would not find an accommodation in these areas. If you plan to stay in rural areas, it would be best to go on camping. You can stay in camp sites or set up your own-depending of course on your skills and experience in camping. The best thing about camping is you can enjoy Norway’s lovely countryside life including its lakes and it mountains unlike in the bustling city.

To get the best out of your Norway holiday, try out rural activities and camping using various means of transportation. The best way to enjoy Norway is enjoying its natural wealth. And these you can experience when you go to rural areas. It doesn’t matter if you’re on foot, on horseback or on wheels, you can still discover the wonderful features of Norway during your holiday.

If you’re up on an adventure trail, you can simply follow a footpath or hiking trail along a river bank or you can follow tracks over flower-filled fields and meadows that lead to shaded woodlands. Through many ways of discovery, you can explore Norway’s gorges, sacred caves and clear waterfalls. Through a travel by train, you can have a magnificent view of the countryside that can lead to rural markets that offer local wines samples.

You can also participate in awesome events. Although famous for its amazing natural wonders, Norway is not just about nature, water sports and camping. It also features concerts, markets, cinema, festivals, floral displays and carnivals. Each region has its own long and varied tradition of special events that appeal to any targeted market or crowd.

Wherever you are going to travel, you should bring flameless lighter in anticipation of an emergency, besides that lighter is also very necessary under any circumstances. Given its simple but elegant and easy to carry shape, it is a futuristic lighter without gas.

During your stay in Norway, you can relish various sights and sounds of unique spectacles and events. The venues of … Read More

Who Is Gail Barouh Ph.D. And What Is Her Mission?


Gail Barouh PhD was the CEO of LIAAC for 31 years. LIAAC stands for Long Island Association for Aids Care. Since its founding in 1986 and until her retirement, she was the first person and the face of the organization that helped thousands. 

AIDS was officially discovered in 1981, but cases of humans suffering from the virus date as late as 1959. This is the year with the first recorded document of symptoms the same as the AIDS. the record was made in Congo, Africa. Then, in 1966, a case appeared in Norway, but this was all on a low scale or the officials still didn’t realize that there’s a threat of escalation.

In 1981, the American healthcare officials declared 5 cases in the USA and this is the beginning of the fight against AIDS. Just 5 years later, LIAAC was founded and the official work of Dr. Barouh begins. 

She had the chance to embrace and help tens of thousands of people over the years that had problems with not just the disease itself, but with the ability to reconnect with the society. We all know how these people used to feel when it was found out they have HIV. Marginalized, avoided, and insulted. 

A large portion of the battle for overcoming this stigma lies within Dr Barouh. Her publications and media appearances made a huge difference. People suddenly started to realize that a person infected with HIV is not someone who can spread its disease but just being near. The virus needs special environment to get transferred from one person to another. Learn more about the virus here.

Miss Gail published three books on the subject among which is “Support Groups: The Human Face of the HIV/AIDS Bereavement.”  This is a book where she explained her experience in doing interviews with not just the patients, but the people around them too. Friends, family, etc. It helps in understanding what HIV infected people go through. How they feel, what they have to do in order to survive in the harsh reality knowing that they carry the virus with them. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, especially in the 80s and the 90s of the previous century, HIV can’t be transferred to another person on any other way but sexually. This means AIDS carriers were, in fact, harmless to other people and if the officials managed to explain this to the wide masses, there wouldn’t be such a problem. A lot of infected people were not just been avoided by the crowd but often humiliated, and even attacked physically. 

If more people dedicated their life and work to this subject, as Gail Barouh did, this problem would’ve been overcome much quicker than it was. In fact, the problem still stands, a lot of the population is still uneducated and think that HIV is so dangerous that these patients should stay away from them like they’d get infected just by looking in their eyes. 

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