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All around the world today, athletes and bodybuilders see the use of protein supplements as an energizer that helps them perform and show their skills effectively. They (protein supplements) are of different types depending on the maker but perform the same function to achieve the same purpose, which is to promote increased body mass. Don’t be surprised that even as they give more strength to the body, they also aid weight loss and help people tone their bodies.

However, there are different kinds of protein powder you can find in the market. As mentioned above, they include both dairy-based and plant-based supplements. In this small piece, we shall be exposing you to different health benefits of healthy protein supplements and the most reliable if you are going for a supplement hunt.

Health benefits of protein powder

Naturally, everybody needs protein to help the body produce hormones, enzymes, and other complex chemicals essential to the body. The followings are the health benefits the body gains from the consumption of protein health supplements.

Weight management

Taking protein supplements does a lot of jobs in the body. It helps to reduce blood pressure, high cholesterol in the body, and other factors like cardiovascular diseases.

Muscle growth

They help to grow the muscle, which is the primary reason why athletes use it. Most people (athletes and gym enthusiasts) love to take this supplement because it helps them build up their body after training.

Recovery from exercise loss

Not only is a protein supplement good for muscle growth, but they also help in repairing both damaged muscles and tissues. In the process, athletes’ use this as an advantage to speed up recovery from muscle soreness after exercise. Research has, over time, helped us know that taking protein supplements after exercise helps to reduce muscle damage, improves muscle performance and muscle protein synthesis.

Add nutrition

It helps to add food to the body. The recommended dosage for men above 19 years of age is 46g, while that of women is 56g and not recommended for people below the age of 19 as it may react negatively in them.

Researches made us know that athletes with chronic illness may need to take more than the standard dosage to help suppress their disease and get their expected usage results.

Types of protein powder

If you take your time to do research online or ask people, particularly athletes, there is a high assurance that the first product that anyone of them will be recommending to you is a whey protein supplement. Their reason does not need questioning as the only and primary producer of the product is the company called myprotein.

However, note that whey is not the only product or the best type of protein supplement powder you can use or find in the market. Other brands like casein, soy, pea, hemp care are also used for the same purpose.

In conclusion, you should go for the popular ones that everybody is sure it’s the best for … Read More

Why Is IPL Treatment So Popular With Aesthetic Doctors?

If you were to research the term aesthetic doctor you would soon discover that these are specially trained professionals who are able to effect semi-permanent, temporary, or permanent body contouring using non-invasive techniques, procedures and treatments. This means that no surgery is involved, and therefore there is far less time required for recovery after the treatment.

Many people choose aesthetic body contouring treatment and procedures over surgical procedures for obvious reasons such as those alluded to above, namely:

* Less recovery time.

* Less pain and discomfort.

* Excellent results can be achieved.

* Far less risk of complications or injury.

* Convenient in that you can have a treatment or procedure done and get straight on with your day afterward.

If you have unwanted body or facial hair and you visit an aesthetic doctor, you will be informed about Intense Pulsed Light (IPL treatment). This is a fascinating technology that uses a high intensity light delivered in short pulses. It uses specific lamps and capacitors that make it possible to discharge high energy as needed. It has been in common use for a while now, especially when it comes to the removal of unwanted body and facial hair.

If you were to compare the price of IPL treatment with laser hair removal you would soon discover that this is actually not only a cheaper option but also a faster one. Some scientists do debate whether IPL treatment is as effective as certain laser epilation treatments, but the results really do speak for themselves. One thing that your aesthetic doctor should explain to you when they are informing you about IPL treatment, is that you are likely to require follow-up treatments. This is not necessary with laser hair removal treatments but nevertheless, it is still an option worth considering.

How does IPL treatment work?

The aesthetic doctor will use either a hand-held laser wand or make use of an articulated arm in order to apply focused and broad-spectrum light to the area of the skin being treated. The light actually penetrates the skin and comes into contact with the root of the hair. This is where the most melanin is stored and this is what gives the hair its color, as it does to the skin in the rest of the body. The light is automatically converted to heat energy and when it comes into contact with the root of the hair and the hair shaft, it actually vaporizes it! Furthermore, IPL treatment also destroys the papilla that are responsible for producing the hair in the first place. Photoepilation, another word for IPL treatment, is not so much about permanent hair removal as it is about permanently reducing the number of hairs that are on the body or the area in question. It does not remove hair altogether or permanently, which is one of the reasons why some people discard it as a valid treatment. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that there is less risk of damage and … Read More