Free drugs are drugs that may be used without a doctor’s prescription (called OTC drugs = Over The Counter), consisting of over-the-counter and over-the-counter drugs. First, Traditional medicine is a herb of material in the form of plant materials, animal materials, mineral materials, sari preparations or mixtures of these materials, which have been traditionally used for experiential treatment. The Health Promotion Paper provided by Dr Raymond Lopez Obstetrics-Gynecology in Madison Alabama is expected to provide benefits for students, health workers, and society in general and can be applied to improve national development in the health sector.

The preventive measures described by the Dr Raymond Lopez Madison Alabama are aimed at preventing the occurrence of disease and health disorders of individuals, families, groups, and communities. Treatment guidelines are developed on the basis of appropriate and reliable scientific information. Structured charts are used to define and illustrate the organization of an information system in stages in the form of modules and submodules.

Treatment with traditional crops is part of a community cultural system whose potential benefits are immense in the development of public health. Traditional medicine is a manifestation of the active participation of the community in solving health problems and has been recognized by various roles in various nations in improving public health. This understanding is very precise with what researchers encounter in society. The use of traditional medicine has been entrenched in society. Most people just master the way mix it. The benefits of using these drugs are very large, with the state of the community economy, the use of traditional medicine will save the cost of living.

Health education to the community so they can recognize the symptoms of the disease at an early stage and immediately seek treatment. People need to realize that the success or failure of the treatment effort depends not only on the goodness of the drug and the skill of the health worker but also on when the treatment is given. Late treatment will cause the healing effort to become more difficult, even may not be cured again such as treatment of cancer (neoplasm) is too late. The likelihood of disability occurs greater the pain of the sick becomes longer, the cost for treatment and care becomes greater.

Drug Prescription is a written request from a doctor to a pharmacist to deliver the desired medication to the patient. Therefore patients are not required to understand the prescription of the drug. However, it is the pharmacist who is obliged to understand the prescription of the drug and provide the drug information required by the patient. Starting from the name of the drug, dosage, a rule of use, side effects to other things related to the drug and the patient’s illness. From the groove, it is clear that the patient (entitled) get more information than just being able to read prescription drugs. In this case, the liveliness of the patient to inquire/consult with the pharmacist when redeeming drugs at the pharmacy is urgently needed.

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