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Easy Ways to be Healthier

Looking to have a healthier lifestyle but do not want to make drastic changes? Well then you have come to the right blog. It is easy to be in a routine and want to stay in the routine. However, it is important to recognize when perhaps your routine may not be the best for you in a multitude of ways. For example your routine could include a variety of unhealthy habits for your body and mind. If you lack motivation and do not necessarily have the time to make proper changes then maybe start off by making changes little by little and build up to a better you.

If you are considering leading a healthier life but do not know where to start then first reflect on your average day. Ask yourself some important questions like: How much sleep am I getting? What types of food am I eating? Do I have any down time? What kind of products am I using? Am I thinking positively? These questions and many more will help you on figuring out what you may want to change in your life. If you do not think you get enough sleep at night, then consider changing your schedule around. Sleep is vitally important so you should definitely revamp your schedule to reflect that. Instead of staying up watching tv or finishing extra work, head on into bed earlier. If you are someone that thinks they do not have time to prepare a balanced meal, then think again. Block out some time to cook yourself healthier meals or atleast purchase better food. Instead of getting fast food on your way to work, grab a yogurt and a banana. Healthier alternatives are easier than you think! If you do not think you are treating your skin and hair correctly then consider ditching whatever products you are currently using. There is no shame in upgrading, you deserve it! A great company for hair products is pantene. You can even head on over to Groupon and save when using a pantene coupon! They have such a wide array of products, you will definitely find something that is right for you. Lastly, if you do not think you have a positive mindset then start complimenting yourself. If you mess up at work do not bring yourself down instead use it as an opportunity to grow!

Once you are able to make the smaller changes then you are on track to make bigger ones. For example if you are not happy with your body you may consider beginning to workout! This may involve joining a gym or researching exercises to do outside. Whatever it is, create a schedule that is good for you and stick to it. As long as you stick to your plan you will be sure to succeed.

Overall, it is not too difficult to be a healthier version of yourself. If you are not feeling great do not let yourself stay in a rut. Discover what needs to … Read More

5 Ways Mindful Meditation Enhanced My Lifestyle

I spent all my preteen and teen years, along with a good chunk of my young adult years, drunk or high with my thoughts floating around everywhere and nowhere at once.

My addictions and their side effects left me with no real relationships, a shaky relationship with my family, crippling depression and anxiety, and a path going nowhere. I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted, what I was doing, life was just a blur of ups and downs and I wasn’t proud of it.

It wasn’t until I spent some quality time in the bucket that I realized how much I needed to make some serious changes in my life. When I got out, I went into rehab and tried all the traditional stuff; I did the 12 steps, went to the meetings, got a job, even got some semblance of structure in my life. But it wasn’t long before the depression and anxiety came back which also brought back the drugs and alcohol until I found myself back in rehab.

This time I made up my mind that I was going to make it last. I tried a lot of unconventional things and eventually found my way to mindful meditation. That was the moment that changed it all for me. It wasn’t something that happened instantaneously or overnight, but it was like a weight was slowly lifting off of me.

During one of my therapy sessions, I was trying to learn how to forgive myself completely for both past and possible future mistakes. It was something that I had struggled with throughout my life. I had a lot of guilt for what I put everyone else through and for not doing more with my life. When my therapist suggested mindful meditation, I was pretty much up for anything that could help me work through everything that was going through my head.

We did it together that day. It was raining outside but there were patches of sunlight shining through the dark clouds. We focused on them. We silently observed and experienced every sound, smell, sight, and feeling. For the first time in a long time my mind sort of became simultaneously still and more alive. I was completely in the moment and it was an incredibly liberating feeling.

Now you may be asking yourself, what is mindful meditation exactly? Well, mindfulness is basically being aware of whatever you are experiencing while you experience it. It’s something that comes naturally but that we don’t do often enough. In our fast-paced lives, we are constantly multitasking, thinking of a million things while doing other things, we rarely take time to just be.

Now mindful meditation is something I make sure I do at least 3 to 4 times a week with each session lasting from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how much I need it. Since I started this my life has transcended to new heights. Here are 5 ways mindful meditation enhanced my lifestyle.


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A parent’s guide to youth field hockey

Field hockey is a non-contact, relatively safe and social sport, allowing children to focus on building skills and friendships.

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Equipment and safety

Playing sports is extremely beneficial to children, but they need to be safe. The top priority needs to be a mouthguard, to protect your child from any possible mouth injuries. Shin guards are also essential safety kit, as well as appropriate sports footwear.

Invest in a good quality composite hockey stick, which is the best type to start with, as it can help your child’s performance.


Field hockey is popular in certain areas and schools, but if your child’s school doesn’t offer enough sport participation, consider enrolling them in a club team, to get fully introduced to hockey.

These teams can be run by sports professionals or high-level players who will give superior instruction on the essentials of the sport. Teams also offer your child the opportunity to build lasting friendships, as well as the experience of playing competitively.

The continued support, instruction and feedback from coaches will also help your child build their skills.

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Crossover to other sports

To gain understanding of hockey quickly, compare it with other sports, such as ice hockey and football. Also look at a hockey drill video, such as those found at

Football uses a similar number of players in similar positions. With the aim of the game to score as many goals as possible, it is comparable to hockey. The practice of shooting and passing also applies to both hockey and football, with the difference being the use of feet instead of a stick.

Both field hockey and ice hockey are similar in their use of shooting and passing techniques, with ice hockey played with a puck instead of a ball. However, ice hockey is a contact sport, with good ice skating skills required to play the sport well.

The language

Penalty corner: This is a penalty awarded for a foul by the opposing team, primarily committed in the penalty circle.

Free hits: A free hit will be awarded when an opposing team member commits a foul. This will be taken where the foul took place.

Scoring: The ball must be touched from within the shooting circle in order to be counted as a goal.… Read More

Interventional Cardiology 101

Interventional Cardiologists have worked through traditional cardiology training, including additional two years of specialized education in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

This training is called interventional cardiology and includes repair of structural and congenital heart conditions. Interventional cardiologists learn to treat heart disease and conditions. They learn how to perform procedures centering on the cardiac catheter. These methods are considered non-invasive. Stenting and angioplasty are two examples of catheter-based cardiac procedures.

There are seven primary interventional cardiology procedures. If you are interested in learning more about this branch of specialized cardiology, you may find an informative website with specific cardiac conditions and procedures.

Cardiac Catheterization 

A cardiologist uses this procedure to determine the extent and severity of your cardiac problems. The catheter inserts into a small incision in your arm or groin. The doctor then guides the catheter into a blood vessel, and through the vessel to the heart. The doctor can identify the following conditions during this procedure:

  • Finding the location and size of deposits of plaque
  • Determining the strength of your valves and your heart muscle
  • Collecting samples of blood
  • Read your blood pressure
  • Injecting dyes into your arteries to watch and analyze blood flow on x-rays
  • Angioplasty

Cardiologists use this procedure to open arteries your which have been narrowed by atherosclerosis. The doctor does the same thing as in the cardiac catheterization, but a balloon attaches at the end of the catheter. The balloon inflates when it reaches the blocked or restricted area. The balloon moves the plaque and widens the restricted artery for improved blood flow.


Seventy percent of angioplasty procedures require the use of stents. A stent is a small metal cylinder which gets inserted into a blood vessel permanently. The stent sets over the balloon and pops open when the doctor inflates the balloon in a blood vessel during the angioplasty. The stent reinforces the artery walls, and it takes a few weeks for artery tissue to grow over the stent.

Two Kinds of Stents 

  • Drug-eluting stents have been coated with medicine before placement in the artery. The drug helps prevent the artery from re-narrowing, and it helps prevent scars from forming.
  • Bare metal stents are untreated metal cylinders.

Embolic Protection

It is possible for plaque to become loose and float around your bloodstream when an interventional procedure is taking place. Doctors will use embolic protection devices called filters, to trap these particles. If they are not trapped, they can increase the risk of stroke or injury.

Percutaneous Valve Repair

Your heart contains four valves which are responsible for controlling the way blood flows through the chambers of your heart.

If a valve is damaged, an interventional cardiologist may decide to guide a catheter with devices or clips through the blood vessels to the damaged valve. Blood will flow properly when the doctor uses the clips or devices to do valve repair.

Balloon Valvuloplasty or Balloon Valvotomy

Narrow or constricted heart valves that do not open properly benefit from repair with … Read More