Cannabis and CBD are the class members of the hemp- a couple of the cannabinoids are not the only two to exist in the plant. There are various other elements found in the roots. But as far as the research goes, CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the most talked and studied about. What must be the reason? The two elements have different tendencies, including alteration of the brain’s neurotransmission towards normalcy, i.e. healthy liveliness. 

If we contrarily talk about CBD, THC and Medical cannabis- we may have observed that CBD in the form of oils is far more trusted than THC and for obvious reasons. Various Medical Marijuana’s Doctors suggest that it’s better if the person’s treatment can be acquired through the CBD dose since there are consequences to Marijuana’s abundant use. Why is that? We’ll talk about it later. 

What is the comparison of CBD oil and medical cannabis, in the perspective of the effectiveness? Let’s talk briefly about it. 

Psychoactive effects

The chief reason why Marijuana is a hard pill to swallow *metaphorically speaking* – whether or not it’s medical or recreational Marijuana- is the psychoactive element. Weed consumption rate is indeed pretty high, and in other words, it’s really not a hard pill to swallow- but why is that so? People take Marijuana because they want to ignore the reality for a while, and there’s nothing medical about it. It’s ‘highness’ causes adverse effects such as Anxiety, Paranoia, Shallow breathing, and most importantly, the loss of coordination. 

Whereas CBD has nothing of the pleasant (in a weird sense) effects. It doesn’t have any preservatives attached to it, adults, as well as kids, can benefit themselves with it. 


A concern seemingly correlated to the one above is safety. You must be very clear about the dose you’re taking when it comes to Marijuana. Limited use can be restricted to the medical effect, but when you zone out a little and consume more – chances are that your body is taking the carcinogens in. The problem is, if you take too small, it won’t affect anyhow, and if you take too much; you’d become ill. 

Whereas CBD comes at your door in the form of oil. You use it in the drops or capsules; which your body can safely discard as well. 

Legal Complications

It’s true that Marijuana’s use has come along, and few of the states have been gesturing for medical Marijuana’s use. However, Marijuana is still illegal in many of the rules of the US. If any doctor feels reserved about recommending his patient the use of THC, it’s usually because of it. Meanwhile, CBD is legal, and its medical use is permitted in all of the US. If you aren’t suffering presently from epilepsy or Parkinson’s, the doctor pretty much won’t give you Marijuana. 


You must be wondering that if Marijuana is that much of a no go area, why has it been introduced as a medication in the first place? The reasons are quite. Marijuana significantly relieves the symptoms of cancer patients, for example, the after-effects of chemotherapy, nausea, and the imbalanced appetite. Marijuana also benefits patients of immune disorders. CBD is also no less; it helps the brain to deal with Anxiety and depression. 

Bottom Line

The reason why medical research has been continuously going on drugs and plants is- that these carry the extended effects on health where pharmaceutical drugs don’t reach. The studies have found that CBD and THC etc. can treat chronic illnesses like ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, to name just a few.

By Ruby