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Insurances are important to secure people from unexpected events such as accidents, sudden deaths, severe illnesses and other events that need finances. There are a lot of kinds of insurance that are offered by insurance companies and most of them fit each person’s needs. For nurses insurance plays an important role since their jobs involve risk, due to exposure to patients with different viruses as well as their work being too exhausting sometimes that can make them vulnerable to illnesses. That’s why health insurance for travel nurses are provided.

How Do Travel Nurses Get Health Insurance?

Each travel nurse is evaluated if they are qualified for insurance. Documents  will also be asked to be presented and the requirement varies on each state. Insurances for travel nurses are not always free but discounts are given, and they are mostly cheaper than regular insurances. 

How Much Do Travel Nurses Pay For Health Insurance?

The usual amount that travel nurses have to pay for their insurance would be below $150 per month. Some amount is covered by the travel nurse agency. For every assignment each travel nurse has to get insurance on the place where they are assigned to. 

Do You Need Malpractice Insurance As A Travel Nurse?

Liability insurance can aid nurses just in case some unexpected things happen. Everyone commits mistakes even if they don’t want to. To be safe, liability can help nurses in their financial issues, malpractice is a crucial case and big money can be involved if this happens. Nurses do their best to avoid malpractice since it can ruin their career as well as trip them off from their licenses but getting malpractice insurance can secure them. 

What Is The Per Diem For Traveling Nurses?

Per diem travel nursing has a shorter assignment period which can last for one shift, one day or just a  week depending on the need of the medical facilities. Per diem nursing is done to cover shifts for nurses who are on sick leave or on vacation, the medical facility hires per diem nurses to avoid manpower  shortages while their nurses are on leave. 

Is Getting Private Health Insurance For Nurses Allowed? 

Yes, travel nurses can opt to have their one private insurance. However, getting insurance from where they are designated to will still be required. 

What are the Benefits You Can Rip From Per Diem RN Jobs Aside From Insurances?

Flexibility of Schedule 

As a per diem nurse you can  work when you want to and rest if you need to. Since the shifts are short you are not mandated to work on a permanent shift. You can decide whether to accept the job or not. With the higher pay that you get you can save and have more time off compared to working as a regular nurse. You can also be able to balance work and pleasure, sometimes nurses work too much that they can’t enjoy time with family and friends. 

Enjoy Healthcare Benefit 

Per diem nurses are not regular workers, but they still get insurance as part of their benefit. This includes medical and dental insurance. Getting a discount from insurance is a good benefit especially for jobs that have higher risk like travel nursing jobs. 

More Opportunities to Grow Professionally 

Per diem nurses are more exposed to different kinds of work, and they also work with different specializations of nursing. More exposure is equal to more opportunity to learn new methods and techniques used in different medical facilities. This new knowledge can help you get more credentials that can help you boost up your career in your future employment. As they say learning is continuous and can make a person more successful, the more knowledge the more actions we can do to make our profession better. 

Health insurance for travel nurses and other benefits are advantageous for nurses who want to earn more and have more opportunity to practice their profession while being secured by insurances and other compensation they can get if they work as travel nurses or even per diem nurses. In every work insurance plays an important role since it can act as financial security to events that are unexpected, especially for travel nurses who have to travel a lot and more from one place to another. 

By Ruby