How to recognize a good air pollution map?

The more access to the information we have, the more probable it is that we will be able to protect ourselves from the influence of pollutants. Using an air pollution map can help you monitor the air quality in order to adopt appropriate measures. How to choose a good one?

How to recognize a good air pollution map?

The consciousness is crucial for the prevention of the air pollution implications on the communities. Knowing what danger we have to deal with and ways to do so allows us to adopt better protective measures.

Air pollution is not just another environmental problem – it’s the major one, aside from climate change. It poses a real danger to the health and life of millions of people worldwide. According to the WHO reports, air pollution kills 7 million people every year. Chronic respiratory diseases are the third most common cause of death in the world. Cancer and cardiovascular diseases, which occupy the first two positions, can also be caused by air pollution. Particularly lung cancer, which is one of the most common types of oncological diseases worldwide.

The actions that local and central authorities take to lower the emission levels can lead to a better, cleaner future. However, meanwhile, they’re introduced, we should take individual actions to prevent the devastating influence of pollutants on our health. The easiest one is monitoring the air pollution levels in order to adopt appropriate measures. Using an air pollution map is the best way to do so.

There are many air pollution maps available online and as mobile app. What to pay attention to when choosing one?

Real-time updates

It’s one of the most important features when choosing the air pollution map. The best ones are connected to the servers to which the air quality sensor send updates in real-time. That allows monitoring the pollution levels hour to hour and, as a result, minimizing the exposure. There are maps that gather averaged data – these might come in handy when you’re preparing reports or searching for an overview. However, for personal protection, choose rather the real-time ones.

Forecasting the air pollution

That useful feature is still not that common. The weather forecast enables us to plan some activities accordingly to the prevised conditions. Why wouldn’t we do the same with the air pollution? Some interactive maps – like, for example, – have introduced this feature lately, making it possible for the users to prepare for what’s coming. The forecasts are supported by complex algorithms that use the collected data to predict future air pollution levels.


Precise geolocation facilitates receiving the most accurate results from the air quality sensor in your area. Sometimes within one city or even one neighborhood, the levels of PM and toxic gases in the air can differ significantly. The geolocation makes it easier to avoid receiving false results.

A good air pollution map should be compatible with various operating systems, including mobile ones (Android and iOS). If you’re searching for a map that fulfills all the criteria above, try using

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