Having bad teeth is awful. I honestly cannot think of too many things that can make a person have low self esteem as far as how they look than teeth that do not look good. I would honestly rather be overweight than have rotting teeth again, because it is just depressing. I had three teeth in the front that were not looking good, and I knew that it was time that I finally did something about it. I knew I needed to find a Denver cosmetic dentist to see what could be done with those teeth.

It is not so much that they were bad and rotting away, but I knew that they needed some work. I was not sure if she would be able to even keep them, as I thought it might be better to just have them pulled and have dental implants done. When I told her this at my first exam, she explained that it is always better to save teeth when possible. She explained why, and it did make perfect sense to me. I asked her what we could do about those teeth then, and she told me that I actually had a few different options.

She ended up reshaping one by drilling away some of the length. It looked like a small fang, and I was always self conscious about that. She also introduced me to veneers, which have made a huge change in my appearance. I was always so worried about smiling before, but now I love to smile. She has made my teeth look much better in both their shape as well as their color. I now have one of those smiles that I thought only actors or magazine models could have, and it is amazing what that can do to a person’s self esteem!

By Ruby