What is meant by Reiki psychic attunement? How does it happen? How is it done? These are just a few questions that go through the mind of those who first learn about this ancient healing art and its relationship to psychic abilities. This article will shed some light that will help answer those questions.

A Simple Explanation

Let’s start by explaining what an attunement is. The word attunement comes from “in tune” and this refers to manipulating the energy to fine-tune or bring into balance the patient’s spirit, emotions, feelings, mental processes, and physical body to create synchrony within and oneness with Life Force as a whole.

This procedure may also help in the opening and expanding of the patient’s innate psychic abilities. Some advocates of Reiki emphasize that it assists in clearing the concerns that tend to clog the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies which are the cause of turmoil and disease. Moreover, the attunement process brings about the healing energies from the Life Force Energy into the being.

Although Life Force Energy is around us at all times, not every person can easily access and absorb it into their system because if the chakras are out of balance, the blocks prevent the energy to be absorbed and utilized properly.

During the course of the attunement process, all of the metaphysical and universal laws as well as the Law of Similarity and the Law of Correspondence are called for. The Law of Similarity states that if a person, object, event or condition bears any resemblance or similarity -like color, shape, action, etc.- to those of the patient, it can be used for healing purposes as if it were the person or condition itself. And the Law of Correspondence states that every component of a system retains its own characteristics but also takes on the characteristics of the system as a whole, much like a holographic image in which each piece is composed of the total sum of its parts.

These concepts are widely used in distant healing, for example, a photo of the patient is similar to and corresponds to the patient himself.

Besides Usui Reiki, other modalities like Tibetan and Karuna Reiki are used by many Masters to perform distance healing with symbols. This aids in sending the energy across space and time. As a general rule, the experience that is present when the attunement is performed requires no body of belief, faith or religion for it to work. Also, one attunement can last for a lifetime or several may be needed according to each individual circumstance.

Reiki and Psychic Ability – Clearing the Misconception

The name psychic attunement is often utilized to describe the process when a Reiki student or patient is being harmonized with Reiki Energy. It’s important to make clear that while Reiki may awaken psychic abilities in the receiver, the Reiki Energy, the attunement itself or Reiki practice as a whole is not in any way a psychic phenomena since the practitioner does not make use of his mind’s power in the treatment session. Simply put, Reiki is often compared to ESP, telepathy, and mind reading, but it is something quite different in concept and execution.

The term ‘psychic’ tends to be associated to horoscopes, divination, future tellers, and even the obscure, but this association doesn’t reflect the truth. The word psychic comes from a Greek root that means “the mind of the soul.” It basically refers to the perception of information without the use of the readily available and well known five senses. In this sense, we are all psychic, even though some of us may have our psychic sense more or less developed than others.

On the other hand, Reiki is the word used in describing the Life Force Energy that encompasses every living creature. “Life force” may exist through different terms and names in various cultures and countries but the entire concept remains the same: it’s the energy that encompasses all.

Thus, the practitioners of Reiki are not in any way psychic, so to say. They are people who have gone through rigorous training in expanding their knowledge about life and Life Force Energy in general. They have also learned how the human physical body works from the physiological standpoint, as well as how it responds to the energy around.

Therefore, even though people refer to Reiki treatment as Reiki psychic attunement, it is important to understand that it does not fall under the category called psychic phenomena. During an attunement session, the healer senses the illness or pain when they feel warmth or vibration over one area of the patient’s body while they touch or pass their hands over it. Through the attunement they can readily channel Life Force Energy to the ill area to aid in the balance of energy of that particular region, organ or system.

This in turn brings about healing. All the energy channeling is done just with the use of their bare hands, and no psychic phenomena takes place.

Not too long ago, Western Medicine was reluctant to accept Reiki as a valuable means to restore health. Fortunately, as time passes and results become impossible to deny, Reiki therapy is gaining popularity and rapidly becoming a more accepted source as an alternative methodology of complementary medicine. Reiki is also being referred to as “Energy Medicine” or “Healing Touch Medicine.” After all, the power of touch has proved helpful and effective many times and with several conditions, which will only continue to aid in the recognizing and accepting Reiki as a real and valuable healing method.

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