The reproductive organs are the most important organs of the human body. They are used for both reproduction and for pleasure during sex. Men, who are masculine by nature, take pride in the size and use of their genitals. They feel might and esteem in getting sexual pleasure and giving pleasure to their partner in return. Unfortunately, some of them have sexual problems. Some are impotent and some are sterile. Some have low sperm count and low quality of sperm. It is in the nature of man to be embarrassed about having less powerful loads during sex. They feel like bad experiencing that.

Of course, they will find answers for their problems. Some end up with sex enhancers such as, Semenax.

According to medical practitioners and experts, if males will have larger volume of semen, there will be more contraction to heighten sexual arousal. In this process, sex will be more fulfilling for both the male and his partner. Semenax claims to boost the volume of the sperm. It claims to increase ejaculation. It claims to make man enjoy sex with his partner. Unfortunately, most consumers have overlooked some details. Natural medications are not always safe and must be taken with caution too.

First, semenax contains L-arginine. It is true that Arginine is a good natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. But it affects the growth hormone. It therefore makes a consumer susceptible to any negative condition that concerns growth hormone.

Also, hypertensive individuals must take caution in taking this. Most hypertension medications interact with arginine. Taking arginine and most of hypertension medications together might cause harmful and life-threatening side effects. Some side effects are allergic reactions such as itching and hives. Dangerous allergic reactions are those that affect the respiratory system such as tightening of chest and difficulty of breathing. Arginine content of Semenax may also cause irregular heartbeat. It can cause bloating and stomachache, too.

Second, it contains L-carnitine. L-carnitine has many good effects. But it also has some bad effects. It can cause difficulty in sleeping. It can increase the feeling of restlessness. It can also cause vomiting, loose bowel movements, and headache.

Third, stomach upset is to be expected not only because of the L-carnitine content of Semenax, but also because of the Tribulus Terrestris that it contains. It can be resolved by taking it with food. But most males do not delight in having sex with a full stomach.

Fourth, if a man is allergic to green oats, he must not take Semenax. Semenax contains avena sativa, which could trigger allergic reactions. Sarsaparilla is another content of Semenax, which causes allergic reactions.

In conclusion, Semenax does not only give the expected result, but also some unexpected and unwanted effects in the body. Man can enjoy his sexual life through this, but neglect his total health. It is best to not only know that Semenax can be solution to erectile dysfunction. Any man should be aware of its negative effect to the total health so he can take precautionary measures.

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