Smoking Vs. Vaping – which is safer?

Many people do not realize or calculate the harm and diseases, smoking invites in our body. The effect of smoking causes direct harm to our primary organs, especially our lungs and heart. The effect on these two organs drastically shortens our life spans which is why cigarettes are incredibly dangerous and hazardous to our health. 

On the other hand, there are many hidden benefits in vaping; first and foremost it does not include tobacco, which is the root cause of addiction to cigarettes. There are many reasons why vaping is considered safe and is also socially more acceptable than smoking. Once, you understand the functions and working of a vape, you will understand that it is not even remotely as harmful as a traditional cigarette. 

In this article, we will discuss the effects of smoking on our health and how vape NZ is much better than smoking. 

E-Cigarette VS Tobacco Cigarettes:

One of the best reasons for switching from traditional smoke to an electronic cigarette is that an electronic cigarette there is no inhalation of smoke, one of the biggest hazardous factors of smoking. The smoke enters our lungs and clogs our windpipes and the veins in our lungs but on the other hand, when a person is vaping, no smoke is inhaled as the vaporizer simply turns the e-liquid into vapor which brings next to no harm to the body. 

If a person shifts from smoking to vaping, to break the habit of smoking, there are still doses of nicotine that can be added in the vape juice. There are many vape juices in the market which comes with controlled nicotine levels, this is one of the best feats of vaping as once you want to completely get rid of it, you can. 

When a person is smoking, the lungs get constricted and it becomes harder for them to expand as we breathe, on the other hand, when a person is vaping, the vapors are gentle on the lungs and do not suffocate them. Vaping lets them expand naturally. 

Other than health, there are many risk factors of a traditional cigarette which would fall under fire risks, bad smell, dirty stains and smoking also affect the mood of the person as they tend to stay cranky and in constant bad moods, on the other side, vaping has none of these effects. 

When a person shifts from vape to smoking, there are certain advantages. Smoke gives the person this constant bad odor and the chemicals make the odor remain on the breath and clothes with no chances of them leaving as long as the person is smoking. This strong but bad smell not only effects the smoker but the others surrounding them as well. 

Studies and research have shown that even smokers are aware of the fact that the chemicals are bad for your health and they are immensely harmful, not only for the lungs but also damages the skin and stains our fingertips. Smoking also causes oxygen and blood circulation throughout our body as the smoke and residue of the smoke clogs our veins. This is why vape is so much better than traditional smoking.